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Marking this time of Holocaust Memorial




The Importance of Welcoming Strangers In

The global pandemic has reminded this generation of the fragility of human life. But down the ages, and particularly in the last century, millions have been indiscriminately killed, not by disease or natural disaster, but by the targeted barbarism of their fellow beings.

The Rose Castle Foundation is devoted to reconciliation across all kinds of divides. In the thick defensive walls of Rose Castle we see an opportunity to invite strangers in, rather than shut them out. To welcome potential enemies from both sides of a divide - to live and learn together.

To mark this time of Holocaust Memorial, we have been hearing from witnesses and speakers from a variety of faith perspectives. Along with some of our own reconciliation resources, you can read more of their stories through the links below. With special thanks to the Holocaust Educational Trust, JRoots, and Holocaust Memorial Day Trust.

12 Habits of a Reconciler

This 40+ page PDF offers a taster of the 12 Habits that are a distillation of 'the Rose way', the bedrock of our approach to reconciliation. This booklet offers reflections on each habit and suggests how you might cultivate it in daily life.

Download Habits PDF

Manfred Goldberg BEM

Manfred was born on 21 April 1930 in Kassel in central Germany into an Orthodox Jewish family. Read his story on the website of the Holocaust Educational Trust.

Read Manfred's Story

Owen May

"Genocide and a God who is for and with humankind are two realities that seem painfully irreconcilable." Owen, of the Rose Castle Foundation, offers a Christian reflection on genocide and 'being with'.


Bernd Koschland MBE

Bernd Koschland MBE was born in Germany in 1931. Shortly after the persecution of the Jews by the Nazis began Bernd travelled to England alone on the Kindertransport. Read Bernd's story on the website of the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust.

Read Bernd's Story

Rabbi Jonathan Sacks

Rabbi Jonathan Sacks has inspired so many of us with his remarkable wisdom. Here he reflects on the question of where God was during the Holocaust. Watch on the website of Rabbi Sacks.


Nadiya Takolia

Nadiya, on the team of the Rose Castle Foundation, writes about the Islamic concept of fitrah, challenging us to "draw on our inner child" and find creative ways to engage with others.


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