12 Habits of a Reconciler

Throughout December we will be releasing a preview of our 12 habits, opening the door to reflections and practices that shape us as reconcilers, starting in small ways straight away.
These habits are a distillation of 'the Rose way', the bedrock of our approach to reconciliation. Explore the doors and keep an eye out for when they will be opened - one door every couple of days.
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The Emerging Peacemakers Forum Changed my Life


As a girl, Arwa Qandeel imagined having ten children and changing the world. At the Emerging Peacemakers Forum, her life was changed forever.


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How do you make peace between people who will always disagree?


At the Rose Castle Foundation, we teach a method of hospitable dialogue that enables those who profoundly disagree to have fruitful conversation. 

Our residential programmes bring participants to live face-to-face with their 'enemy', day after day. Every aspect of their life is shared and they are tasked with collaborative projects. 

Our methods of communal living and mutual learning allow dialogue to reach new levels: our participants learn how to disagree well in the most real and raw moments of life.


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I put everything aside for education and now I have a PhD. Here's what I learned


Emerging Peacemaker Ayesha Khan used to skip school breaks to get extra tuition. Now she has a PhD - and some advice for people in her position


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Our network is at the cutting edge of faith-based reconciliation worldwide. Join today and you'll be the first to hear about transformational programme opportunities, workshops, resources, and other tools leading the way in reconciliation.



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Can we agree to disagree?


Emerging Peacemaker Zainudeen Takolia looks at how learning about reconciliation has recast his perspective on politics


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What are the new challenges for peacemaking in a global pandemic?

Alumni of the Rose Castle Foundation's residential programmes have been reconnecting via Zoom and reflecting on problems and solutions to reconciliation from their own diverse contexts, and considering ways to collaborate across new divides.
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How do we find hope when there is no way out?

When coronavirus first arrived in the UK in March, we asked our friends and partners to share stories of hope from moments of crisis in their lives to motivate us.

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What are the blessings and challenges of life in lockdown?


Our team share the highs and lows of their experiences away from the office.


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