Like There's No Tomorrow


Living Life to the Full in today's Eco-Anxious Age

Eco-anxiety affects us all. We hear about the climate emergency and are having to come to terms with how humanity is majorly impacting the future survival of the planet. 
This retreat is aimed at those who live with anxieties and fears that are hard to surface, leaving a sense of helplessness at the complexity of all we hear about climate emergency. 
It is for those who struggle with questions like: What more can I do to save the fragile earth that offers an awesome diversity of life? How is it possible to live hopefully, even as we face realistically the inevitability of the radical impact of an unpredictable climate, rising sea levels, the collapse of biodiversity? 

Guided by writer and theologian Rev Dr Frances Ward, Like There's No Tomorrow will provide a fully residential retreat space in which to grapple with questions and anxieties about the future of the environment. 

Hosted at the stunning Glinger Estate, just one mile from the Scottish border, the retreat will engage with the depth of helplessness we might feel in response to climate change as well as the natural world of Cumbria in Spring. 

Participants will be guided through three days of facilitated discussion. Using the psalms to address feelings of fear and lament, there will also be time to eat, rest, and explore the rich local landscape. 

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