Our Partners

We are committed to the journey that leaders are on before, during, and after a programme.
The relationships we build with our partners are key to equipping leaders to transform conflict experienced in their own context.
Our partners are located in dozens of contexts across the world, so one relationship is never the same as another.
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It’s been such a joy to work with Rose Castle Foundation. While they’re giving instruction, they’re also modelling what it means to be a reconciling agent. It’s very clear that the whole of who they are has become so committed to the reconciling project. I want to grow up to be just like you guys!
Rev Alison Boden
Dean of the Office of Religious Life, Princeton University
The transformation I've seen in our students is really nothing short of extraordinary. I've seen them be bold in their faith in a way that's not cool in New York City public schools. I didn't expect to be so personally affected by the content, the relationships, and the connections I made.
Mary Ellen Lehmann
Director of Children and Youth Ministries, All Angels Church New York

Local communities across the globe

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Rose Castle Foundation works in collaboration with partners and alumni across the world to equip leaders to transform conflict.


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