We host a wide range of programmes and workshops online and in-person. Our programmes are for those who are, or seek to be, reconcilers and peacemakers at every level. Past participants range from students, to soldiers, to religious community leaders, to senior government policymakers. All leave with new skills, confidence, and a network of peers - equipped to reconcile.
Space to Reimagine
Space to Reimagine is the brochure that introduces our programmes.
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How we work

We are committed to forming reconciling leaders, peacebuilders in every sphere of life. Across all of our programmes and workshops, we take participants on a journey towards reconciliation, through encountering others, engaging with difference, restoring broken relationships, and reimagining a shared, collaborative future.
Starting from within, and working out, we focus on relationships with the self, others, and the environment. Sessions draw on key topics in peace and reconciliation with an action-oriented facilitation style, tailored to the needs of the group.
What are RCF's programmes about?
Popular topics within reconciliation include mediation, scriptural reasoning, conflict transformation, and the habits of a reconciler. We work closely with each group to ensure content is relevant and specific to its individual and ongoing needs. Each programme or workshop is staffed by our team of expert facilitators and co-ordinators, alongside trainers and practitioners from our global network.
How can I get involved?
We run a regular calendar of workshops open to the public, to which any individual who is seeking to learn or grow as a reconciler is welcome to apply to attend. We also work in partnership with universities, religious organisations, communities, governments, and NGOs across the world to provide highly-tailored residential and virtual programmes for groups of any size. Our doors are open to collaboration.


We specialise in

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Looking to collaborate with us?

We'd love to speak with you and learn how we could build a programme, partnership, or other form of collaboration together. Want to work with us? Our doors are open to you.

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