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A Restorative Retreat

'Like There's No Tomorrow' is a restorative retreat space for those carrying deep concerns about the current and future state of our relationship with the environment

Dates: 27th April, 6pm – 1st May, 9am (3 full training days)

Location: Glingerbank Estate, Longtown, Cumbria, CA6 5NW, UK

Price per person: £650 (including training, accommodation, catering & all resources related to the retreat)

How to join: Fill out the form at the bottom of this page to join the retreat


What you need to know

Eco-anxiety affects us all as we hear the news and come to terms with how humanity is having a major impact on the future survival of the planet. This retreat is aimed at those who live with anxieties and fears that are hard to surface, leaving a sense of helplessness at the complexity of all we hear about climate emergency.

It is for those who struggle with questions like: What more can I do to save the fragile earth that offers an awesome diversity of life? What do I do with this terrible anxiety I feel?

Recognising that these questions come from the heart, this retreat will offer the space to contemplate them within a deep-to-deep context that invites participants to bring faith and core convictions into the conversation.

The retreat is open to people of all faiths and none. It will be hosted from the Christian tradition, using the psalms to address feelings of fear and lament. We will use our anxiety to motivate us to hope and action. To turn our helplessness to hopefulness.

About the hosts

Like There’s No Tomorrow is hosted by the Rose Castle Foundation with Frances Ward. Frances lives in Cumbria where she is the priest in charge of two parishes in Workington, on the West Coast. She is a published theologian and experienced teacher. Her book Like There’s No Tomorrow, Lamenting the Future with a Fierce Hope is published by Sacristy Press in February 2020. Participants on this Retreat might find it helpful to have read Jem Bendell’s paper entitled “Deep Adaptation” at  - though no worries if not.


As a charitable foundation, we are particularly mindful of those whose financial means may otherwise limit opportunities. Get in touch to find out how you could benefit from financial support or to support this retreat directly.

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