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Rose Castle Foundation is hiring. Our team shares why they love their work.



By RCF Team | 26 May 2021

Rose Castle Foundation is currently seeking three new members to join our staff team, so we caught up with some of our current staff to ask about their work. 

Nadiya Takolia

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I absolutely love working for RCF. God says in the Quran that He made us into nations and tribes so that we may recognize, or know one another. I feel honored that with reconciliation at RCF's heart, I can work towards values which are so core to my faith as a Muslim in my day to day work, and at a time when this work is so needed. In addition, the team really cares about who you are as a person and being able to bring my faith to my work rather than leaving it at the door has been refreshing!

Hannah Larn
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Working at RCF as Programme Coordinator is an absolute joy. It’s a wonderful team to be a part of, and I love having the opportunity to get creative with programme design. Working with emerging leaders on developing their skills in reconciliation is very rewarding indeed!

Joe Banfield

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The Rose Castle Foundation team is made up of an outstandingly welcoming, encouraging, and highly-motivated group of people who care passionately about reconciliation. We come from a wide range of backgrounds and there is a great deal of trust placed in each of us right from day one. Not only that, but the work itself consistently proves an ability to meet needs and transform lives, which gives purpose to each day. Rose Castle Foundation is a truly exceptional place to work.

Isabel Berry

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I work with a team of incredibly talented, motivated people who absolutely model all that RCF stands for, and who inspire me to do my best in my role every day.  I can clearly see how my particular skills and experience are needed and valued as part of the overall mix that makes RCF flourish.  It feels wonderful to know that what I am giving makes a genuine difference.

Georgia May

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It’s a privilege to dedicate my career to my passion for bringing people together, especially at this time of division and polarisation – and it’s a gift to be able to connect my faith so directly with my work, transforming lives through the hope of reconciliation. The RCF team experience is also so rewarding, working and growing together in a dynamic environment where we learn through innovation and reflection.