How do we find hope when there is no way out?


Seemingly out of nowhere, a pandemic is taking countless lives across the globe and disrupting many more. It is easy to lose hope. That was why, when coronavirus first arrived in the UK in March, we asked our friends and partners to share stories of hope from moments of crisis in their lives to motivate us. You can read those stories here below.

Human Contact

The Right Rev. James Newcome
One thing in particular has struck me. Everyone is longing for the time when we can ‘re-connect’.

A Reflection from Nigeria

Anonymous Rose Castle Foundation Alumnus
The global pandemic, sad and sorrowful COVID-19, is historic in showing how fragile our world is.


The Power of Small Acts of Kindness

Isabel Berry
There lay one and half days food for 15 people. Our only feasible route out was to backtrack right to the start of the trek; two week’s walk away. The days that followed were hard.

A Glimmer of Hope

Uzma Raziq
Death is not something that is done alone in our community. People rarely die on their own and people are never laid to rest without a collective prayer. That is until now.