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Rose Castle is supported by wonderful volunteers who share their time and skills in many different ways. We seek to build a collaborative culture where all feel able to participate and belong. We are proud to be a charity with a home in the Cumbrian countryside and we are deeply committed to working closely with local communities and involving volunteers in all that we do. We also have volunteers who support the work remotely using their knowledge and experience.

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Whether you want to share your skills and knowledge, help others or gain some work experience, by getting involved as a volunteer you will make friends through spending time with like minded people as well as learning new skills and helping others. Some roles are active and will keep you fit. Other roles are about sharing your enthusiasm for Rose Castle, the gardens, the history and heritage and helping to care for it. However you volunteer with us, you will be supporting the reconciliation and peacebuilding vision of Rose Castle and it is likely that you and others will benefit far more than you ever expected.

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We believe that children or vulnerable adults should never experience abuse of any kind. We are committed to providing safe working environments and practices that protect the welfare and safety of all our volunteers at all times. Our health and safety and safeguarding policies inform and guide the ways that all volunteers and staff operate to ensure their wellbeing. These policies and our volunteer policy are available upon request.


Immerse yourself in a community committed to training reconcilers and become a part of our story as we seek to equip generations of leaders to come. Whatever your background, we would love to hear more about your interest in making it happen.

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We love to work with people from all backgrounds, regardless of what you believe. In fact, our work is all about bringing people of different faiths together! So you do not have to be a Christian to volunteer with us. All we ask is that people respect that Rose Castle Foundation is rooted in the Christian faith. This means we often start meetings in prayer, with a sensitivity to the faiths of all people present, and some conversations about our work may be discussed from a Christian-specific perspective. We do not ask anyone to participate in anything they do not feel comfortable with and seek to make everyone feel valued as part of the team.

For many roles, this will not be needed. If an opportunity comes up needing this, it will be clearly stated on the Volunteer Opportunity document. If you would like to learn more about peacebuilding or reconciliation we will be very happy to support you in that during your time volunteering with us.

It is not easy to reach Rose Castle by public transport. Bus and train routes pass through Dalston but Rose Castle is about 3 miles south of Dalston. Fuel costs can be reimbursed if you drive. 

We are undergoing a large renovation project at the castle which should be completed by the end of 2020. The fabric of the building is being worked on as well as the plumbing and electrical systems. This means we are currently unable to access the building. Rose Castle training programmes are taking place in other locations during this work. Staff and volunteers are working from a temporary office in the grounds of Rose Castle. 

There is no requirement to give a standard number of hours because this will vary depending on the type of tasks that a volunteer will be doing. Some tasks are more regular and can be planned at a frequency that suits the volunteer. Some tasks are more ad hoc and may not be needed all the time. Volunteering hours will be discussed at the outset and agreed to suit what you can give. We understand that situations change and over time a volunteer’s hours may also need to change. 

We ask volunteers who come to Rose Castle to bring their own packed lunch and we make sure they are able to take a break to eat and rest. There is a microwave if volunteers wish to heat soup or other items for lunch. Hot drinks are provided and accessible by volunteers throughout the day. 

There is currently no requirement to wear a uniform. In time we may develop branded clothing for the volunteer team but this is unlikely to be until late 2020 / early 2021 when the castle re-opens. If protective clothing or equipment is needed to carry out a task, for example for gardening volunteers, this will be discussed with you to ensure you have what is needed to keep you safe. Initially, if garden volunteers can use their own waterproofs and boots this will be appreciated but if this is a problem please do tell us.