Castle Moat

A spacious sunken area, below the white border and its supporting buttresses, captures the essence of a time when the castle was surrounded by a moat. Now it is drained and filled with long, swaying grass.



Long grass

The long grass is cut twice a year in late summer and again in autumn. The lowest lying hollows remain boggy in the winter months, as if echoing the past. The moat is surely a blank canvas for garden design.





Closely-cut paths

Closely-cut paths tempt summer visitors to walk down through waist-high grass. Run your hands through the stems, see the insects, hear the grasses in the breeze.





Victorian ha-ha

A Victorian ha-ha separates the high bank of the castle’s dry moat from the field below. Looking across the moat from the higher levels of the garden, the ha-ha provides a clever illusion of green continuity.