First hand information

Hard Hat Visits would be a good way to see first-hand the work onsite as renovation progresses from September 2019 through to December 2020.

Due to Health & Safety regulations, these will be scarce and arranged fairly last minute in consultation with the Contractors.

However there are other local events being organised offsite to explain the renovation project, so you can get closer involved with the evolving story of Rose Castle and its heritage. 


Information Events

Our next event is the 'Rose Castle Gathering' on 16th December at Dalston Village Hall

Please register to attend this event here:



Hard Hat Visits

Register your interest below to visit Rose Castle for one of the scheduled Hard Hat visit days which will be offered at short notice dependent on weather and building schedules to those registered on a first-to-respond basis.

Alternatively, register your interest to have someone come and talk at a local Parish Council meeting or school meeting forum. We can try our best to help share the plans within the community. After all, Rose Castle is a shared heritage for us all.