Rose Castle has been a special place of memories for many people, decades and centuries before our time...

Samuel Coleridge


"We are delighted with Rose Castle, the thickest green fence to the garden, the two walls, the lower making a terrace - the house, the orchard crowding round it - the chestnuts - the masses of ivy over the gateway, from one great root. This stands on the other side of the wall to my left as I face the gateway - Go in, the ivy over the coach-house, belonging to the same mass - the horns of the old mulberry tree among it - the swallows and their shadows on the castle-house walls - the green shaven bank, like the roof of a house between the main building and the castle [Strickland Tower], properly so called - the great nets on this castle, to cover the fruit trees - all, all perfect - cottage comfort and ancestral dignity!"

Samuel Coleridge writing about Rose Castle after his visit alongside Dorothy and William Wordsworth on Tuesday 16th August 1803. 

"Passed Rose Castle upon the Caldew, an ancient building of red stone with sloping gardens, an ivied gateway, velvet lawns, old garden wall, trim flower-borders with stately and luxuriant flowers. We walked up to the house and stood some minutes watching the swallows that flew about restlessly, and flung their shadows upon the sun-bright walls of the old buildings; the shadows glanced and twinkled, interchanged and crossed each other, expanded and shrunk up, appeared and disappeared every instant; as I observed William and Coleridge, seeming more like living things than the birds themselves."

Dorothy Wordsworth writing about her visit to Rose Castle with husband William Wordsworth and friend Samuel Coleridge on Tuesday 16th August 1803

Dorothy Wordsworth

Many famous people people have stayed at or visited Rose Castle. Each with memories captured in the historical record...












What are your memories?

If you remember Rose Castle as a child, or the celebrations of Christmas at the Castle, or lived and worked here - then do let us know your own story and memories. We will keep the information you share confidential, until we get back in touch with you to hear how you might like to share some of your information with others.