Contractors are onsite to renovate Rose Castle

59 weeks of building work to replace electricity, water, heating, roof and lightning build a Castle fit for hospitality and visitors in the 21st Century


The Building Programme

Carlisle-based building contractors Lambert & Gill are leading a multi-skilled team of local builders, mechanical and engineering designers, joiners, and.... to deliver a new installation of fundamental services for heating, lighting, water and safety.

Award winning architects Haysom Ward Miller are project managing the design and build phases of the construction and renovations works. It has been a two year process just to inspect the Castle from cellars to turrets, behind the walls and under the floors - to gather the strategy of the programme, the details of the works to be done and the final Planning permission. 

The work has started onsite!

Find out the latest news about what is going on!

There are strict Health and Safety regulations applied to the building site, so we are planning a few dates across 2019 and 2020 for people within the community to see the work at first hand during a "Hard Hat Visit". 

So if you would like to gather for a one hour walk and talk around the site, or have useful questions and concerns you would like us to answer at one of these Hard Hat events or at a local community gathering (like a Parish Council or school meeting) - then please get involved and come find out more.



More on Hard Hat Visits and Local Information Events

Hard Hat Visits

From its earliest incarnation in 1230 to the present day, Rose Castle has borne witness to political and religious change, been ransacked, burned, and rebuilt. Rose Castle Company is renovating the Castle once again, transforming Rose Castle into a unique destination for group stays, and the select peace and reconciliation programmes operated by the Rose Castle Foundation.

What is Rose Castle renovating?

There are hundreds of pages of intricate designs and electrical circuits that underpin the finer details of renovation.

So we have drawn together a short PDF document of the master plan. Find out how Strickland Tower remains untouched, and where bathrooms are inserted across the two upper floors of bedrooms and ensuites.