David Cowen’s earliest memories of Rose Castle date back to the 1940s when he was just 7 years old. As a pupil at Lime House School, a nearby preparatory school, he and his friends would occasionally walk to explore the castle.

David recalls in those days you could just walk into Rose Castle because it was unoccupied. There were lots of rooms and staircases. You could clamber about on the roof. He remembers going up the Strickland Tower and the beautiful stone staircase. As an adventurous young man, exploring Rose Castle was a very exciting way for David to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Today, Rose Castle still holds a special place in David’s heart. He’s spent the last five and a half years working alongside owners John and Sarah Snyder and architect Paddy Ward and his wife Sue, successfully transforming Rose Castle from a private dwelling into a wonderful public space to host Peace and Reconciliation programmes and celebrations of all kinds.