David Weston, along with his wife Helen and young son Luke, took up residence at Rose Castle in 1989 when David was appointed as domestic chaplain to Bishop Ian Harland. 

David recalls, “Although very happily settled in our vicarage in the rural Lancashire parish of Pilling, we did feel excited when in 1989 Bishop Ian Harland offered me the appointment as his domestic chaplain. As suffragan bishop of Lancaster, he had accepted promotion to the diocesan bishopric of Carlisle.”

“My acceptance involved for me, my wife Helen and three-year-old son Luke, leaving our vicarage and taking up residence in Rose Castle, which had been the home of bishops of Carlisle since 1230. Happy as we had been at Pilling, this offer seemed irresistible.”

David and Helen talk fondly of seeing the castle and its surroundings for the first time.